It is now a public secret that Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan are certified Exes. Sheilah and God’s Plan announced their break up on social media as they both showed off their new catches.

In the videos trending on social media platforms, God’s Plan can be seen making merry with his stunning new girlfriend.

Sheilah in another video she shared on Snapchat also swaps saliva with bedroom skilled boyfriend, Anthony Debanthy.

The pair had spent over 2 years eating cassava and beans on credit.

Sources tips us that before breaking up, God’s Plan caned and disciplined the 25 year old Sheilah Gashumba in his apartment. He apparently then collected her clothes and G-strings from the closet and threw them out side.

“..yes they had a fight in the wee hours of Saturday night. God’s plan was shouting on top of his voice as he disciplined her. He then threw out her belongings before shutting the door”, a source claims.

It is alleged that Sheilah has been playing ‘bedminton’ with countless city dudes without Gods Plan’s permission something that has led to their bitter break.

Well this will not be the first time the couple have had a fight.

In 2018, Sheilah Gashumba dragged him to Jinja Police Station over domestic violence. The former young Gunner slept behind coolers for two days.

Their relationship has been full of ups and downs.

Late last year, rumors made rounds on social media alleging that the lovebirds’ affair had hit a dead end after God’s Plan allegedly landed on messages that insinuated that Sheilah was still romantically involved with singers Fik Fameica and Grenade Official.

But Sheilah later dismissed the breakup allegations before bragging on how she has the best boyfriend in the world.