God’s Plan celebrates his break up with Sheilah Gashumba as enjoys Girlfriend’s beans on camera

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s plan’s relationship has been one of a kind characterized by showbiz, proving a point, fighting, cheating, and much love.

The lovebirds have also been creating breakup news by themselves just to get attention from fans hence Relevance and more clout. However, yesterday the internet was hit by storm after God’s Plan unleashed a video of himself with his stunning new catch. He went ahead and confirmed that indeed his new prey has the best lips under the sun.

“Most beautiful lips i have seen”, he captioned the video. Our sources tips us that God’s Plan couldn’t wait getting home as he started eating his girlfriend’s beans with fingers after being attacked by horny spirit.

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Sheilah on the other side also proved to have moved on as she shared a clip on snap chat swapping saliva with new boyfriend Anthony Debanthy as the pair celebrated bonking life.

The two started dating in November 2018 and it is said that the two met in Club Guvnor located in industrial Area after God’s Plan had returned to Uganda from the UK. Before he attained the name God’s Plan, it was said that Lwanga (real names) was a robber who used young children to rob in the UK and when he was found guilty, he was arrested for 8 years. When he was released, he came to Uganda to spend his money.

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