Winnie Nwagi sumbie

Nakanwagi Winnifred alias Winnie Nwagi who is well known as fire baby over the irresistible testicular moods she creates for Netizens has revealed some rare eclipse of her world.

Winnie Nwagie Flashes her Sumbie as she celebrates Good Friday

According to the latest sensational clip she posted on her Instagram today, Friday afternoon, media, the bootylicious Swangz Avenue singer, flaunts her goddess curves and sumbie, leaving netizens at loss for words.

Clad in a sexy animal print Lingerie Winnie Nwagi majestically shows off her instruments of power with no apology. Now posting such explicit video always scares off potential endorsement deals from cooperate companies but guess what? The Zzina 2021 Female artist of the year Nominee does care! She actually told them to keep their endorsements in advance!

“KEEP YOUR ENDORSEMENTS DARLING..,, Am gonna be ME regardless… Thank u”, he caption reads.

Its becoming a habit for her the mother of one to occasionally go half-naked.

Just on recently on 30th March, she intentionally slid off the Ugandan flag which she heard wrapped around her body to reveal her naked body in Silhouette Challenge.

In a new video that went viral on social media, the Mataala flaunted her thick naked body to whoever cared to watch.

The Silhouette Challenge started as an idea to promote body positivity and it is something Nwagi had always stood for.

Check i it out;

The Silhouette Challenge is a trend that has been going viral on TikTok. It involves dancing provocatively as a silhouette while the details of your body are mostly obscured by a red filter.

Winnie Nwagi sumbie