Singers Winnie Nwagi, Fik Fameica, Gravity Omutujju and Haruna Mubiru were expected to be part of the just concluded ‘Summer Fest 2022’, on July 9 in London.

However, a few days before the show, Mama Africa the event organiser dropped Gravity Omutujju, and Haruna Mubiru, opting for only Fik Fameica and Winnie Nwagi.

On Tuesday, July 5, rumour made rounds suggesting that the event had been called off on grounds that the artists couldn’t fly to London in time due to visa constraints.

Later on, Mama Africa poured cold water on the allegations, before confirming that all roads were leading to Royal Regency on Eid day.

To a greater extent, contradictions prior to the event affected its turn-up, since party goers expected to be thrilled by four artists.

Mosh Halim, a renowned events promoter in London, attributed the event flop to poorly publicising it, and opting for artists who performed at the same venue a few months back.

Songbird Winnie Nwagi through an Instagram live broadcast confirmed that indeed the show was a total flop, and punched holes in promoter Mama Africa. In the video making rounds on social media, the Swangz Avenue star singer is heard faulting and blasting Mama Africa for being bad-hearted and trading lies about her that she is stranded.

“…weteleze mukwano, tojja bisobola wona tandika entalo n’abayimbi. Nadanze Nakanwagi wa’bwe eya kuyimbidde ne’mala ne nvaayo, nosinika ne’binyo nonebaza… Maybe you want to be talked about so that you make a name. Please give those you are going to work with respect because they are also human like you. Don’t treat people like sh*t. Olina omutima omubi naye ojja osinika ebinyo. If you are a bad person nga you feel you cannot control it, then get another person who is well behaved to handle your businesses. You spread rumours, do I even look stranded as you claim?” Nwagi rants.

Watch her rant below:

She claims that she and Fameica are still in London, enjoying the city ambience as they wait for their time to fly back to Uganda.

The mother-of-one released a video while in a Jacuzzi, shaking what her mama gave her, donning a red costume.

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