Singer Winnie Nwagi is disappointed by the public’s response to her recent incidents.

In a video that quickly went viral, fans were seen throwing bottles at her, forcing her to leave the stage after she had retaliated against a fan attempting to touch her.

A considerable portion of the public has chosen to side with the fans, criticizing the “Malaika” singer for her lack of discipline and for presenting herself in a manner that attracts such treatment.

Addressing the issue, Nwagi expressed her frustration, stating that people always tend to focus on the negative aspects whenever it involves her.

“Regardless of the situation, people seem to only highlight the negatives when it concerns me. Whatever transpired, it happened, so they should take what they witnessed,” she remarked.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Nwagi has reacted aggressively towards a fan while performing on stage.

In 2021, her fellow singer Vinka also resorted to violence when she kicked a fan who had touched her.

This topic has gained global attention, as several performers engage in heated discussions about unruly fans and the lack of consequences they face for their actions.

Just a few days ago, a fan threw a cellphone at Drake, which struck him forcefully and nearly caused injury. Although Drake was unable to take action against the fan, rappers Pouya and Fat Nick physically confronted a fan who had thrown a glass cup at them during a performance back in 2017.

Similarly, in 2022, singer Oliver Tree was attacked by a fan attempting to touch him while he was on stage, and Oliver beat up fan.