People say that one should never advise a woman in love and a man with money. When socialite Sheilah Gashumba was so much in love with Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan it seemed she could do anything to prove her love for him.

After years of being in an on and off relationship, the pair split reportedly in August 2020. According to Marcus they tried to work things out earlier this year but failed so they publicly split last month.

“To be honest with you, Sheila and I broke up around July, August. We tried to make it work, we went to Zanzibar but sadly it didn’t work out so we both agreed to let go and we both moved on.”, God’s Plan said.

But before break up, Sheila got a tattoo of God’s Plan on her body. Unfortunately, no one knows what the future holds and so the relationship ended in tears. Since the tattoo was in a place that can be seen by anyone, she decided to get rid of it.

Sheilah took to her Snapchat account to show off her new tattoo, she managed to cover the “God’s Plan” tattoo with wings.

Sheilah posted on Snapchat

Having seen the changes made by Sheilah, God’s Plan ran to his Twitter account, shared the photo of his ex-lover’s back and the caption, “Dear God thank you.”