Zzinacologist Hamza Ssebunya left his stunning wife Rema Namakula, step daughter Aamaal, mum and relatives over joyed after treating them to a short vacation to Dubai.

Ssebunya and his wife Rema in Dubai

Taking to her social media handles, Rema revealed that all came as a huge surprise. She explained that she had a clue about the the trip but didn’t know that her in-laws would join them.

“When I prayed for family….I didn’t know what Allah had in stock for me…
As always I thought I was traveling with my husband and our Aamaal….had no idea that my husband and my wonderful in laws had planned to travel with us for my birthday gateaway……Everyone starting with my awesome Nazaala….My beautiful Sister’s in law plus their little children. Ya Allah I will forever be grateful
, she said.

Hamza, Rema, Aamaal and in-laws eating life in Dubai
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Off to Entebbe Airport they went, ahead of a long flight to Dubai where they are currently enjoying the breeze of the beach. The trip and vacation happens to be so special for Rema since the singer is celebrating her 30th birthday.

The renown talented songbird did not forget to share a couple of photos on her social media pages. Believe us, you will love them!

Hamza treating Rema like a queen in Dubai
Rema and Hamza looking fresh
Holy month, holy Hamza
The couple cruising on bike in Desert

Hamza Rema Dubai