Momo 19 reportedly replaces Daxx Kartel with Medi Moore

A few days back Daxx Kartel’s bae Momo 19 rushed to all her social media platforms and deleted all his pics.

Momo 19

One would think that at least those they took together while she was introducing Daxx Kartel to her parents would survive the delete button but hey! Momo was so determined to pull down every pic that had Daxx’s face.

The stunning BBS TV presenter’s move seemingly confirmed that indeed their was trouble in paradise. Not forgetting the recent rumor that the pair were now living worlds apart for the past few months.

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Well info coming through suggest that Momo already moved on and now making merry with another bedroom skilled chap. This chap is none other than South Africa based Nkuba Kyeeyo, Medi Moore.

Momo replaces Daxx Kartel with Medi Moore apparently

According to reports, Momo 19 and Moore are an item and not even Daxx Kartel can step in their bonk plans.

It is alleged that Moore used his deep pockets, charming ways and of course his hot looks to successfully snatch Momo away from Daxx.

And now Medi Moore’s close pal tip us that this hilarious trending song; Baka Basajja Banyuma by Record Elah Butida is his favorite!

Medi Moore

Daxx Kartel on the other hand seems to have lost the battle and given up on already. Three days back he dropped a new song, Enswa. In this song which he cryptically laments and attacks his babe for serving her plate of Nswa to another man.

Listen to it below;

Medi Moore Momo 19