On Sunday, TV personality Momo 19 all but confirmed that she is single again after her relationship with singer Daxx Kartel ended in tears.

Momo confirmed she is single

Momo who had been as silent as a graveyard amid break up rumor took to all her social media pages and dropped the bombshell; “No doubt, yes am single”. Her public announcement did not shake the Nation because initially, it had become a public secret that indeed their was trouble in paradise!

Much as Daxx Kartel had distanced self and trashed the break up rumor before, the multi-talented BBS TV presenter had already let the cat out of the bag when she deleted all the pics which had Daxx’s face from her socials!

The TV personality deleted all Daxx Kartel’s pics from her social media pages

In retaliation, Daxx also rushed to studio and a recorded a song titled “Enswa’, in which he cryptically accuses his girlfriend of cheating.

As soon as he released the song, it later turned out that apparently Momo was all along playing bedminton with South Africa Nkuba Kyeeyo Medi Moore behind the singers back.

Sources suggest that Medi Moore has been bankrolling Momo’s flashy lifestyle and trips to Mandela Land just to play the famous game of happiness.

Medi Moore has been bankrolling Momo’s flashy lifestyle and trips to Mandela Land

Much as Momo is now claiming to be single, she is allegedly enjoying Medi Moore’s boneless muscle as she waits to make it publicly known.

Genesis of the trouble in paradise

A source which considers anonymity further tips us that Daxx Kartel started smelling a rat when Momo ‘refused to give birth’ for him even when they had stayed together under the same roof for the past 6 years.

It is alleged that Momo 19 has been giving him excuses and using Family Planning methods all through to avoid swallowing a live seed, something Omuryeerubah couldn’t put up with. Parents tried to intervene but it couldn’t help since Momo had already decided to move on.