One can never miss a person he or she loves and care for not until it is over! Singer Daxx Kartel is racing against time to save his relationship with Media Personality, Momo 19.

Daxx Kartel racing to save relationship with Momo

Last week, Momo 19 announced that she’s single again after breaking up with Daxx Kartel.

“No doubt, Yes i’m single”, she shared, leaving most her fans murmuring.

The pair had stayed together for over 5 years, living under the same roof. The multi-talented TV host had also introduced Daxx to her parents in a colorful Kwanjula ceremony but that did not stop their relationship to end in tears.

Reports emerged that she was seeing someone else after banning the Bbaala singer from scooping her honey.

Momo said she is single

Momo has since made countless interviews with different media houses accusing once her sweetheart of being so disrespectful.

She swears never to forgive him for composing stinging songs about her.

But her words or threats have not served to purpose as Daxx Kartel maintains that she belongs to him till death steps in their bonk plans.

Taking to his Facebook page this Saturday Evening, Daxx vowed; “For Better for worse owange yonno”.

It should remembered that Momo 19 already deleted all pics having Daxx Kartel’s face, including those that they took together at their Kwanjula Ceremony.

The alleged new boyfriend, Medi Moore, a South African based Nkuba Kyeeyo is on the other hand salivating at her. From the look of things, Medi Moore is not willing to back down and let his prey slip from his fully charged Waya.

Sources close to him in Mandela Land tipped us that he even organised a lavish party on Eid day to congratulate self. A Source which considers anonymity further tipped us that Momo was also in attendance.

Having spent the whole month staying holy while fasting, the couple reportedly played bedminton.