In 2019, social media was awash with pics of Rema Namakula and her new man Hamza Sebunya, a professional Zzinacologist.

Rema hooked up with Hamza

It was evident that Rema, whose love story with star singer Eddy Kenzo was strained had according to the pics, shown her family Hamza, the Mr. right she had finally decided to bonk till death do them apart. The pair had been in a relationship, having precious stolen moments full of steamy romance behind Kenzo’s back.

Many thought it was a stunt meant to mislead Ugandan bloggers and media but doubts were fully erased when Rema officially introduced Hamza in a pompous Kwanjula ceremony to her parents home in Nabbingo, Wakiso District, on November 14.

Rema dumped Kenzo for Hamza
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As all this was going on, Eddy Kenzo only came out to drop a new song, Bibaawo.

Following the release of the Bibaawo song in which he consoled self after losing Rema, a sweet woman he had been with for five years, with whom they have one child Amaal Musuuza, Kenzo made countless rant posts on social media but his Weyayu cries couldn’t save him.It is now 2 years since all that happened and guess what?

Kenzo happy for Rema

Kenzo moved on and he claims to be happy that Rema finally hooked up with someone she deserved. The single but bonking Big Talent chief says that Rema and Hamza are birds of the same feather and they are a perfect match.

“I thank God that Rema found a person she connects with in almost everything. Am thankful that she taught me so many stuff and vice versa but because of our differences we broke up. She later got in love with a person who thinks like her. Am really happy and congratulate her for getting a person who charms her because she in the right hands”, he said in an interview.

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