Who is deleting Rema and Hamza’s pics? Stunt or not?

Whatever is happening to our artists especially those who are happily in love with their partners is something to fuss about.

Y’all have a clue about Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s break up and make up stories. How Andre spilled the secrets in a recorded phone conversation, castigating Nina and confirming that they had separated….and then only to come out a day after to do damage limitation as he ate his own vomit.

Then Daxx Kartel and Momo 19’s relationship ending in tears. Momo 19 came out clean and publicly announced she was single again. With in no minute, Daxx Kartel on the other side vowed to superglue on her.

Not forgetting when Spice Diana made a tingling post on Facebook a few days back calling out Nince Henry to make their bonk sessions publicly known!

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH We have kept this in the dark for long and it’s painful. I have a family that needs to know.Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry.Yes . Nince Henry It’s time we come out. It’s now or never.Iam tired. Byebyo”, she posted.

Well their music fans summed up all the above as tired stunts, advising the artists to do more than just that.

Now latest to come in the mix is none other than sensational songbird Rema Namakula. As we speak most of Rema’s fans are not at peace after learning that most of their artist’s recent posts on her Facebook page were pulled down late in the night.

To make matters worse, even those jaw dropping pics she took with hubby Hamza Ssebunya while in Dubai recently are deleted.

Rema and Hamza pics deleted from Facebook

A section of social media in-laws are now starting to believe that their is trouble in paradise… if not probably her page could have been hacked!

Mukyala Musawo is still mute about this burning issue…not just yet!

We shall keep you posted!