Fans and Netizens are convinced singer Rema Namakula’s relationship with Hamza Ssebunya ended in tears already!

Did it end in tears?

This is after Rema’s freshest cryptic post on her social media pages suggesting that she is seemingly not at peace!

“Peace of Mind is a priority”, her posts reads which has left many of her fans and followers murmuring. When you go through the comment section on this particular post, a bigger section of social media in-laws are sensing trouble in paradise.

A screenshot of Rema’s post

A one Barbra Kyohairwe rushed to comment;

“This only tells it all dat it already ended in coconut tears”.

Riziki Jamila wondered via her commented;

“So you are nolonger having peace of mind…You should to keep your marriage private rema…Some people have evil eyes… keep it private”.

Kirabo LRacheal also commented;

“Welcome to Uganda zabu wea women become motivational speaker after break ups… .proud to be a Ugandan”.

Lawamii Lamie was also quick to add her view;

“You are right! Once in tears….. I don’t know but let me mind my business I hear premium tears who knew that you can sleep with out post a photo”.

AJ Christine was still skeptical but also sensed trouble as called all those who wish Rema peace to pray for her.

“Now Kenzo is smiling in KamooliMy Heart is now beating faster, faster. If u know that u love Rema pliz let us pray for her so that it won’t end in tears.”

Hellen W also added her voice;

“After 4 hot slaps African mother will be like..I will not touch you till your father comes back..Abeg you mean the four slaps were for registration??…African children we’ve suffered”.

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Last week all Rema and Hamza’s recent pics were deleted from singer’s FB page leaving fans in wonderland.

Rumor has it that the page was hacked but Rema has remained silent up to now.

Rema dumped BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo to start a family with Hamza. She and Hamza sealed it with a pompous Kwanjula ceremony in 2019. The couple recently jetted out to Dubai to celebrate birthday.