NBS After 5 crew endorses rapper Nisay P’s Musege as the new lockdown Anthem

This year, NBS After 5 marked five years on air and as the leading evening entertainment on local TV show.

Hosted by veterans Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kats, the show deejays Dj Roja and DVJ Mercy Pro play majorly local music and have over the years promoted and given a platform to the country’s biggest talents.

Every year, Uganda’s music industry registers a number of hit songs but exceptionally, the emerging and new talents never miss out on the list of these hit songs.

The songs are always their key and pass to the industry.

In 2020, we witnessed new music industry entrants in Mudra, Quex, Eezzy enjoy hit song success of Muyayu, Kachumbali and Tumbiza Sound respectively

These songs were released in 2020 during the first phase of the lockdown thus branding them lockdown anthems.

In 2021, we are yet to get a big songs from brand new talents but from the look of things, Nisay P is likely to get the first one thanks to his dancehall song dubbed Musege.

Nisay P dropped Musege Video a month ago

During their daily NBS After 5 show, Mc Kats, Douglas Lwanga and Dvj Mercy Pro branded the song a “lockdown anthem” that will make people sing while in their houses because the lyrics are in sync with the current situation and the beat brings the dance vibe to life. “This guy will make us sing whatever he wants. This is the lockdown anthem.” Mc Kats responded to Douglas Lwanga who had previously said, “The lyrics and the beat on this song are mad. It is the song of the lockdown.”

Musege is a dancehall song that was released in May by Nisay P who is just one year old in the industry.

It was derived from Mudra’s hit song Muyayu and emphasizes the difficult situations caused by the lockdown. The song was produced by Brian Beats.

We keep the fingers crossed as we wait to see how the music lovers receive the new song.

Watch the song here.