Renown media personality, Lucky Mbabazi has taken to social media to warn fans from calling her husband very early in the morning.

Lucky not happy with fans for calling hubby early in the morning

In a rant on her social media accounts, Lucky Mbabazi warned fans against calling her husband Patriq Kanyomozi to ask for the results of football matches played at night.

Based on what they do share on their respective social media pages, the duo seemingly like spending most of their times together. That said, it now turns out that their fans are interfering with their private times, making calls at anytime of the day requesting for information.

This habit has pushed Lucky Mbabazi to the point she could not bare it anymore. Through her Twitter handle, she requested football fans to stop calling Patriq Kanyomozi in the morning asking for football results.

According to Lucky, it would be wise if the fans could be a bit patient and wait for her husband on radio. She stated,

” Please stop calling my husband very early in the morning especially on a sunday asking him about the previous games. Wait for his updates on air. “

Well, this can be seen as a bold step by the radio queen to make her territory. It is also a reminder that no matter the job one does, there are some times that should be spared so he/she can share and bond with the family.

The step by Lucy is also likely to drag her husband to the limelight, just few weeks after he joined the list of celebrities who attacked Bebe Cool for exposing Bobi Wine’ s travel details.

In unfriendly move, Bebe Cool shared pictures travel information belonging to Bobi Wine’ s family as they flew out of the country. This move was condemned by many Ugandans, especially the supporters of Bobi.