God is finally opening MC Afrika’s doors through singer Pia Pounds. A few months back, a video of MC Afrika vibing on Pia Pound’s banger, Tupaate surfaced on social media.

In the clip, MC Afrika is seen crashing a bunch of leaves as he enjoys Tupaate song on a small radio.

He roars “It’s a Friday!!!” and one of his colleagues can also be heard asking him in Luganda;

“Leero onosoboka?” and he happily replies, “….era njakusoboka kuba ndi mwavu naye w’ebunazibira njakuba nfunye ssente”.


Little did he know that the clip would take him places and realize his dreams!

After watching the sensational clip of MC Africa jamming on her song, Pia Pounds couldn’t help it as she started searching him for a reward. Luckily enough she finally met the happy chap and there and then gifted him with a brand new jumper.

The guy asked him whether she could buy him a smart phone and boom! Today Afrika is a proud owner of a brand new iPhone X courtesy of Sage Buyers!

Ssempijja handed over Iphone X to MC Afrika

Sage Buyers, an accessories store located at Kooki Towers Shop 544 in Kampala, through its owner Ssempijja Stan handed over the iPhone to MC Afrika in presence of Pia Pounds.

“MC Africa embodies the energy and vibrancy that we believe in. An iPhone shall therefore amplify that value for the common good.”, Ssempijja noted before adding;

“We are doing all possible to move toward our vision of an iPhone for every Ugandan”.

Well, here at Zzinaland we are happy for the man from Mbale having realized his dreams!