Jose Chamili has made his first communication from the time he was admitted while battling stomach complications.

The posts on Chamili’s social media pages were signed off by an Admin, but not anymore, and as a way of comforting his fans and family in the US, he used the very photo Daniella was complaining about.

In the photo, Chameleone’s mom is right beside him as a CT scan was being conducted something that worried the fans in Uganda and East Africa at large.

Chameleone actually deleted the post his Admin had made and replaced it with the one Daniella detested with claims that it was traumatizing their five children.

In the pic, Chameleone thanks his mother for being there and loving them. “Thank you, Mama, your love is evident. You have never given up on the truth!!!! I will grow stronger learning from you. God grant you more life.” Jose Chamili said.

It should be recalled that before this, Chameleone’s mom was busy in the hospital taking care of the house help Weasel thumped to pulp and before that could settle, she was again in hospital this time for her very own son who was battling with stomach complications.

Chameleone has been discharged implying that his stomach issues are not that severe at the moment and that he can continue monitoring the situation from home.

Pallaso was earlier appealing to the fans to include his elder brother in their prayers.

Chameleone joins Lil Pazo who has equally been battling stomach complications in the last month, his were worse as it resulted in operations.