Having a small spoon doesn’t mean you can’t feed and satisfy woman. Worry not Lwasa and let that background noise not bother you!

Social media in-laws especially ‘Team Diana Nabatanzi’ are still on bonk champ, Lwasa’s case after clips of him in Adam’s suit found their way on social media.

Fired up in-laws have since made it meal to mock the showy tycoon to an extent that he has been pushed to swear in the name of Jesus Christ that he wasn’t the person in the trending clips.

“The face ressembles mine but the lower side isn’t mine”, he said fussed before clarifying that he can satisfy a woman

Lwasa said he is rich enough to cheat in cheap hotels and also bragged about having one of the longest Wayas in Great Masaka region some parts of Ankole, Bugisu and Ankole region.

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To prove that he cannot tolerate the mocking, the chubby bonk champ went ahead and knifed one of his disciplined employees for supposedly sympathizing with him!

However, worry not Lwasa and let that background noise bother you!

Having a small spoon doesn’t mean you can’t feed and satisfy Adam’s granddaughters. While eating delicious beans, the walls of your prey close just a third of the way into the VJ canal; that means it’s the girth or movement—not the depth of penetration—that matters.

But stimulating the bean and the G-spot (1 to 2″ in, on the vj’s front side) is what will give her reach the finish line. Be aware: It can take 17 minutes or more (not four, as some men think!) of bean stimulation for someone’s daughter to come.

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Master that and you can be a great lover despite the size of your man parts.

You may not be as small as Lwasa. In a recent study of more than 15,000 men, average size was 5.16″—and more than half of the men were within just an inch of each other.

But assuming you are actually smaller, there are still many ways to smash your woman right. In terms of positions, try doggy style for a deeper journey. And bone up (so to speak) on your ‘Nyamu Nyamu’ skills for bean stimulation.