Pia Pounds has teamed up with former boss at Big Talent Entertainment, Eddy Kenzo and MC Africa on Tupaate remix.

Pia Pounds released Tupaate jam like 11 months back but for some reasons, the song had failed to grab the music lover’s attention not until MC Africa did a challenged which pumped it up.

“Raise your hand if whenever you listen to this song you feel like that ” Issa Friday” guy”, one of the fans, Paul Waiswa commented and he attracted over a thousand reactions!

MC Africa’s magic made Tupaate a hit and Anthem, bossing airwaves countrywide. This yet again proved the power of social platforms like TikTok in promoting music.

Since the Pia Pounds has been all over, doing media interviews and somehow becoming an household name. You have to agree, she has enjoyed the shine! MC Africa on the other hand has made media appearances week in week out and ofcourse hi life has indeed changed.

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With all that going on, Eddy Kenzo seemingly saw an opportunity and like a smart ghetto champ, he grabbed it. He convinced Pia Pounds to allow him and MC Africa jump and the song to give it more vibe. And indeed she accepted and here we have Tupaate remix.

The remix is now trending No.1 on YouTube with over 100,000 views after just 9 hours of its upload. However fans are divided with others appreciating the remix and others trashing it with claims that original is far better.

What do you make of the song?