Love is a powerful emotion- Sheilah Gashumba and boyfriend Rickman can testify this!

Throughout history couples in love have caused wars and controversy, created masterpieces in writing, music, and art, and have captured the hearts of the public with the power of their bonds. From the allure of Cleopatra to the magnetism of the Kennedy’s, these love affairs have stood as markers in history.

Since the start of human storytelling history, humans have enjoyed great romance stories from Romeo and Juliet to Helen of Troy. Even horror and adventure stories often include a romantic element.

Whether your favorite stories are cute teen romance stories or vampire love stories, there is something for everyone.

We have always compiled a number of interesting love stories which must have romantic spark into your life.

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Well we are here again, preparing you to swoon over Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman’s exciting love story. The young couple who started moving out earlier this year after Sheilah broke up with God’s Plan are on fire.

Lately, the two public figures cannot stop displaying PDA, painting the dusty streets of Kampala Red. Sheila seems so settled with the multi-talented rapper who doubles as footballer.

She does not only tight mark him but also make sure he is happy! The 25 year old socialite has now embarked on painting internet space Red. Netizens who follow her on TikTok cannot get enough of the short video clips the Former NTV presenter shares on a bounce.

The one which has caught our eyes is her latest upload in which the madly in love young couple proves the world that they indeed living a happy bonking life.

What else can they ask for other than making babies?

Well, watch the two lovers do their thing and get inspired!

Sheilah Rickman