Chamili confirmed that he supports NRM after he was gifted a Range Rover Vogue. Many people doubted that he fully owned it. In response, he has silenced them with the documents from URA confirming ownership.

A video of Chamili confirming that he supporters NRM went viral on social media on Sunday. This was after he was gifted with a new Range Rover Sport by a friend to President Museveni’s younger brother, Toyota.

After receiving the car, he described himself as a  prodigal who had returned home. “I was a prodigal son. I had my issues but I am still NRM,” he confirmed.

In a phone call interview. with one of the leading TV stations, the Leone Island boss said he proudly supports NRM because Bobi Wine and NUP rejected him when he needed them most. “NUP and Bobi Wine don’t deserve me. They rejected me for Latif Ssebagala when I needed them most. I better be with the Devil that loves me than a god that doesn’t care,” he said in the interview. 

Amidst all this, a section of social media users claimed that the owner of the Range Rover gave it out because he was drunk but would reclaim it when he sobers up.

They advised Chamili to stop bragging because the UGX 600M monster ride was temporarily his.

However, the legendary singer has silenced critics after parading a clearance from URA showing off fully ownership of the ride.