Lucky Mbabazi believes Swangz Avenue’s talented songstress Azawi will win a Grammy Award one day. Lucky is among the many that are addicted to her music.

Swangz Avenue songstress Azawi broke onto the scene two years and she has not been a disappointment at one point after releasing hit songs that dominate airplay.

The diva has been backed by many because of her unbeatable talent which is regarded as one of the finest in the music industry.

Lucky Mbabazi is among the many that believe Azawi still has much to offer as a musician.

According to the “Big Breakfast” presenter, Azawi will one day win a Grammy and many more International Awards because she is capable of competing at that stage. “One of my favorite artists is Azawi, I have a big feeling that one day she will bring home a Grammy and other international awards. She is very capable of easily competing with other artists worldwide. I choose to give her flowers now when she can smell them.” She tweeted.

Azawi has so far dropped two singles, “My Year” and “Slow Dancing” that are enjoying a massive reception. She is expected to release her “African Music” album on Independence day.