Dr. Besigye characterises people in President’s black book

Dr. Kizza Besigye believes President Yoweri Museveni is after a certain group of people in his bid to stop bail and bond to capital offenders.

Dr. Besigye raised his voice after President Museveni while addressing the nation on Wednesday night re-echoed his call to amend the Constitution to delete bail to capital offenders, particularly to murder suspects.

Museveni told the nation on live television: “We are discussing with all stakeholders on the issue of not misusing bail and I will also talk to the Attorney General to stop the issue of bond on the side of the police.”

The President’s consistent call to end bail to capital offenders comes at a time two National Unity Platform MPs were handed bail by courts but were rearrested by security.

Museveni raged: “I saw the other day- MPs walked out of parliament because somebody has not got bail. These political people who do nothing about the victims but all attention on the victims- we shall know them by their fruits.”

The President blasted the agitators of those pushing against his call: “People are being killed and you are defending criminals. You are giving more time to the criminals than victims. The victim is dead and cannot ask for bail and you spend your time on criminals! This is not correct.”

While passing Justices Gashirabake Christopher, Justice Chemutai Tom, Justice Tweyanze Lawrence, Justice Wagona Vincent, Justice Alice Komuhangi and Justice Nakacwa Florence, the IGG Beti Olive Kamya and deputy IGGs Dr. Patricia Achan Okiria and Ann Twinomugisha Muhairwe, Museveni argued that handing a person who has killed is provocation.

He stated: “I am seeing an ideological problem between the way you are trained as lawyers and we the freedom fighters and then population. For somebody to kill a person and you give him bail that is provocation. Justice will lose meaning completely.”

However, Dr. Besigye, a four time Presidential candidate accused the President of trying to have the Constitution amended to delete bail to capital offenders largely to take the war to his enemies in the political field.

The Forum for Democratic Change FDC founder used his Twitter account to claim: “Mr M7 simply uses murder as a cover for his real (political) reasons of wanting to abolish right to bail.”

Dr. Besigye said: “This demand always comes up after every brazenly rigged election; starting 2007 after court invasion by ‘Black Mamba’ soldiers; then 2011, after onset of ‘walk to work’ protests.”

The opposition leader recalled: “In 2011, Mr M7 tried to amend the constitution to remove the right to apply for bail when charged with economic sabotage, rioting and hostile media.”

Dr Besigye summed up: “These are still the real targets. Since this failed to attract public sympathy, he’s now fronting murder only.”

The doctor to President Museveni in their bush days, explained: “That’s why I believe that Masaka murders were orchestrated ahead of the latest attempt to draw back fundamental Human Rights. NRM/M7 Junta has demonstrated that it’s a criminal state. Every effort must be made to deny their criminality any semblance of ‘legal cover’.”