Former Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce has mocked Kayz and NBS TV for hyping Sheilah Gashumba not knowing there would be side effects in the media industry.

Tina Fierce mocks NBS TV over Kayz woes

She pointed out that the ‘Uncut’ show was so bent on pushing Gashumba’s hashtag that it eventually cost her her job at Urban TV.

“So UNCUT and UNAPOLOGETIC is going to get CUT and APOLOGETIC. I love to see this! Nga they hyped Sheila kumbe they didn’t know it would have a ripple effect on the industry!” Tina Fierce tweeted.

The entertainment critic said she faced fire at her workplace and from her fans alike, which she said was fuelled by the Uncut crew. Right now though, their own person is facing charges for offensive communication, a development she’s excited about.

Kayz of the Uncut fame at NBS TV and two others are currently remanded in Kitalya Prison until October 15. Tina Fierce, however, blames them for opening doors to such occurrences in the industry.

Kayz and co were remanded to Kitalya

At the time Sheilah Gashumba was dating Marcus Lwanga, the two started a hashtag dubbed “stop social media bullying”. It was so viral that Tina Fierce lost her show at Urban TV but found her footing when she started her own show on YouTube.

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Throughout the ordeal, presenters at Uncut hosted Sheilah Gashumba although Tina Fierce believed they should have stood by her instead since they were both in the same business.

Fierce was banned from TV over defamation

Her fans have joined her stance, saying Karma has a name. Apparently, they are now reaping what they sowed. Recently when radio personality, Kasuku, was talking about the same issue, he advocated for the media to stand together on this.

All said and done, how far can one go in taunting, ridiculing and shaming another being? Should there be any repercussions for such utterances or should it all be taken as part of the package that comes with living in the public eye?

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