Veteran radio personality James Onen is no longer a Fatboy in the sense of size, which was the basis for the moniker. The last few days, he has flooded social media with photos of his new look after undergoing a weight loss transformation.

Fatboy a shadow of former self

Juxtaposing photos of his old self with his latest, paints a picture of a rather intense commitment to losing weight that he has finally achieved. Popular for polarizing views on feminism, religion, gender and relationships, his diet was not entirely a secret.

He espoused a keto diet and posted photos of his meals on social media many times encouraging his followers to try it out. Keto prohibits animal products, added sugar, processed foods focusing on low-carbohydrate vegetables, eggs, sugar-free beverages among others.

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On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, he shared a throwback photo when he worked at Sanyu FM alongside the latest to make a point about his transformation. In the former, a chubby and well-rounded Onen is wearing big blue jeans, a light purple long-sleeve shirt and black shoes. He maintains the same shoes in the second photo and is decked in an all-denim look with a sponge hairdo.

He captioned it: “Different Style, Same Shoes,” on Facebook and “Employee vs. CEO,” on Twitter.

James Onen is no longer a Fatboy in the sense of size

His fans on social media poked fun at him, some humorously asking the name of the disease he is suffering from, comparing how his cheeks particularly transformed, while some women said he is now their spec.

Also, hard to miss is his new unkempt hairstyle with streaks of grey and beard that is a total opposite of the clean, well shaven look he espoused while still at Sanyu FM. It comes shortly after human rights lawyer, Isaac Ssemakadde stunned social media with his dreads.

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Onen left Sanyu FM in 2020 after a sit-down strike over planned salary cuts due to the economic contractions of Covid-19, did not go according to plan. He was back on air shortly after on a different platform – online radio.

Initially named Reckless Radio, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) refused to grant him a license until he renamed it RX Radio.

Fatboy and colleagues