Azawi dropped her ‘African Music’ album on all major streaming platforms on October 9, 2021.

Prior to the album’s release, Azawi’s record label Swangz Avenue held listening sessions for business and industry associates, select fans plus the media to certify its quality and yes, it was not a disappointment.

‘African Music’ did not just hit number one on Apple Music’s Top African album hours after its release, but all the 16 tracks off the album have now entered the Top 50 songs.

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, soon after release, ‘African Music’ hit the top spot relegating Don Toliver’s Life of a Don to the second position. She took to social media and posted: “My debut album has debuted one album in Africa on Apple Music. Black is indeed shining brightest.”

All the 16 songs have received enough streaming numbers to get them among the Top 100 songs.

As of Wednesday, October 13, 2021, the order was:  Slow Dancing, 4) Majje featuring Fik Fameica 8) Gimme, 12) Craving You Heavy, 15) Face Me featuring A Pass, 18) My year, 22) Bamututte, 19) Fwa Fwa Fwa, 25) Nkuchekele featuring Kenzo 31) Thankful featuring Benon, 30) Ku Kido, 35) Tubatiisa, 34) Party Mood, 36) Loving You Is Easy, 40) African Music, 44) Ache for You.52)

It should be noted that Azawi revealed in an interview that the album was to be released earlier, but it was delayed after one of the songs leaked to a Nigerian singer she did not reveal, who added it to their album. She claimed that there is a Nigerian music producer she worked with who could possibly have leaked it to the artiste.