NUP and FDC supporters are torn apart with the return of Dr. Kizza Besigye to the streets.

Dr. Besigye unveiled a new plot to reawaken the political field that went silent after the January election. The former FDC strongman named his new drive as People’s Front for Transition with with slogan Twetaase.

The launch had leaders from UYD, CP, PPP, UPC and DP block who appended signatures to the new coalition front.

Dr. Besigye roared: “The People’s Front for Transition is a platform for action. We have talked enough. 3 weeks from now, we will call people to action.”

According to party spokesman Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju: “The main aim of the People’s Front for Transition is to show Ugandans that it is possible to get rid of (President Yoweri) Museveni even before the next election. We have to keep showing him the red card to show him time is up.”

The return of the opposition leader excited people from his camp, FDC who appeared to see this as positive for their party who lost their position to National Unity Platform NUP, new boy in town.

Barigye Bob took to his Twitter account aimed a shot at NUP but also hailed: “My brother since elections ended I have been seeing people move around the world. We needed something on the ground. And I think the red card front is now here. Let’s unite.”

Dr. Besigye’s new platform was seen within some circles as a move to counter the recent NUP move to work with other political parties which was shunned by the Blue Boys.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, FDC party President sparked the debate when he posted on his Twitter account: “Leading Opposition in Parliament doesn’t have to lead any struggle against a dictator if they don’t wish, are not prepared or have no capacity to. Mandela led the struggle against Apartheid SA from outside parliament. FDC don’t need anybody’s permission to struggle.”

Deriq Muloogi a NUP fan took the war to Amuriat: “I think FDC’s biggest problem is in thinking that joint efforts are only important when they [FDC] convene. But when any other party convenes, it is read off as “crowd ideation.” Egoistic Sour graping!”

Zeddekia, a NUP sympathiser took FDC party by the horn tipped: “The arrogance at Najjanankumbi will be FDC’s undoing! The party is honestly not prepared (anymore), let alone capacitated. Whereas Bobi Wine might be very cordial with all forces of change, it is clear he is only hopeful that one day you guys might finally see the light.”

Jackson Muggy tasked the FDC chief: “But did you consult NUP officially before coming up with the red front group n if so what was their response?”

Amuriat however, explained: “Consultations on going. NUP or any other Ugandans has a choice to join or not. If we can’t unite, then it’s important that we move in the same direction. The oppressed shouldn’t monopolise the struggle just like the NRM regime is monopolising our institutions.”

Dr. Besigye has come out to clear the space on the suspense his new struggle created. The four-time Presidential candidate confirmed he received a message from NUP president.

The FDC founder revealed: “This afternoon, I got a message from Bobi Wine welcoming us from the Front launch (which we’d discussed at length). He also expressed concern at “the senseless attacks against you and other comrades mainly on social media”. Attacking any struggle Front is counterproductive!”

NUP secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya dismissed talk of party aligned struggle after the launch of Dr. Besigye’s Red Card.

Rubongoya explained: “There is no NUP, FDC, ANT or JEEMA struggle. There is a Ugandan struggle. A struggle for the life of our nation! A struggle for the dignity of every citizen. Think of the NRM regime as an elephant we are trying to bring down. Each one of us must work jointly. Some will hold it by the head, others by the tail, and yet others by the back. As long as we are pulling it down on the same direction, it will surely fall. It is not a wise strategy to spend all the time arguing on who should touch where.”

Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, the new NUP deputy spokesman while on NBS TV, supplemented the secretary general’s position, when he said: “We were not at the People’s Front for Transition launch, but it doesn’t mean we can’t support the idea. We may not be players in the People’s Front for Transition, but we can be supporters.”

However, FDC were not pleased with Waiswa’s submission: “We (NUP) have bought 400 red cards.”

The Najjanankumbi based party charged back: “The people’s front for Transition isn’t selling its red cards and hasn’t sold any of the cards. Frankly, you must have been hoodwinked on the 400 red cards.”