Singer Big Size Bebe Cool thinks he would musically flop if his on and off pal, Jose Chameleone decides to quit music.

Chameleone expressed his desire to retire from music

A few weeks back Chameleone expressed his desire to retire from music. The music legend said he was fed up and bored of doing the same stuff for the past 20 years and was serious about throwing the towel.

The 42-year-old music maestro explained that he has done it all and retiring was the only option.

However, he said when he opened up to Bebe Cool about the issue, the bus corridor brother advised him to hang on and keep pushing because he still has a lot to offer.

“..I was already quitting music nga mbikooye. But my brother Bebe asked not to dare think of retiring”, the star singer fussed.

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A fortnight ago when the pair met again, Bebe explained that he would be musically dead when Chamili retires and it is one of the reasons why he asked him to stay active.

“…see Mayanja (referring to Chameleone) you are my only remaining pillar in music. I can not remain the same if you leave me in the music ring. I would be dead already,” he fussed.

Bebe advised on and off pal not to quit music

While sharing a light moment at Bebe Cool’s home in Kiwatule, he asked Chameleone to feature on his upcoming album titled “I am Joseph”.

The Leone Island boss agreed to the proposal though he didn’t mention when they would hit the studio.

Chameleone says he had planned to drop the album two years back, but due to unavoidable circumstances, it was postponed.

He adds that the album will be classic. Last week he released ‘Forever’, a single off the album.

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