Do you know that Spice Diana is yet to be harvested despite the fact that she is super ripe to be smashed? And surprisingly though her mum, Beatrice Nantale, is very okay with her taking her time.

At 26, Spice Diana’s mum believes daughter is still unfit for legal bonk

At 26, Spice Diana’s mum thinks the songstress is not yet ready for legal bonking!

During her birthday last week, she revealed that she will unleash her man when the right time comes but that her mother, Beatrice Nantale, is okay with the fact that she is still single.

Nantale advises Spice Diana to ignore the pressure from media and fans who always ask about her love life.

According to mum, the Bagikona hit star should stay single but bonking on the sidelines because she is still young and can get a man when she reaches the third floor.

Spice celebrated her birthday last week

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“My daughter is still too young to get married. I still want her to be single. She can get a man when she turns 30 years of age,” Nantale said.

She urges Spice to continue working hard to build her empire and let social media in-laws do the talking.

“I want her to work hard and build her empire. I won’t stop her if she eventually falls in love but I think she is still young,” Nantale adds.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Stargyal is rumoured to be chewing her Manager, Rogers Lubega’s cucumber, something she always trashes.

During her recent interview she said she would say no to Manager Roger if he shows interest

Last week on Friday when she appeared during The Big Bang Show on Galaxy FM, show host Prim Asiimwe was on her case to shed more light on the rumour and guess what? She dropped a bombshell.

“How true is it that you’re dating your manager, Roger?” Prim asked.

“It’s not true, but if at one time it ends up like that, who am I to say no?’‘ she replied.