Winnie Nwagi signed a deal to join Swangz Avenue on 13th October 2014 after her thrilling performance in the Coca Cola Rated Next Talent Search where she emerged as the second runner up.

The diva joined Irene Ntale at the now Industrial area-based Giant Record label. Irene Ntale had replaced Sera who unfortunately passed on July 31st, 2012 after reportedly succumbing to stomach ulcers.

When Irene Ntale left the label in late 2017 after falling out with the bosses, her manager Vinka was signed onto the label as a musician and it was rumored that Winnie Nwagi was set for the exit but luckily, she survived the storm.

Within two years, Vinka had started bagging big International collabos, endorsements, signed a mega-deal with Sony Entertainment, and also managed to release 12 singles, videos in a single calendar year.

Winnie Nwagi felt abandoned and sources say she was frustrated to the extent that she asked to have her contract terminated but the bosses managed to convince her to even extend the contract.

Winnie Nwagi

In November 2019, Swangz Avenue signed the talented Azawi to the label and she has since gone on to release an EP and Album that has tasted Global success within the first two months of release.

However, before the “African Album” release, the label had invested heavily in Azawi’s career something believed to have frustrated Winnie Nwagi and her family to the extent that her father asked the label to terminate the daughter’s contract so that he could take over her management.

According to insiders, the parties at conflict had peace talks and the differences were settled.

However, a new war has erupted at the Giant Record Label after the bosses who also run an Influencer firm secured a number of endorsement deals for Azawi and Vinka from top brands in the Brewery and Diaper industries while Winnie Nwagi looked on.

Both Azawi and Vinka have over three endorsements a piece while Winnie Nwagi has none.

The slim divas have also received a huge sum of money in form of investment in their careers while Winnie Nwagi still lives like a mediocre Ugandan musician just surviving in the industry despite her exceptional talent.

Our close sources at The Square-based Record have told this website that all is not as Winnie Nwagi who was recently abroad for shows booked before the COVID outbreak is demanding answers from her bosses as to why she doesn’t get the same attention as Vinka and Azawi.

We shall keep you posted.