‘My hubby keeps getting promoted, and he has no idea it’s because I smack his boss in the face.’

One woman stunned the world when she revealed why she gets so pleased when her boyfriend earns another promotion at work – she revealed her secret to Twitter account Fesshole.

When a partner receives a promotion at work, most people are ecstatic.

One woman, on the other hand, has stunned the internet by admitting why she feels so happy when her boyfriend earns another promotion at work.

The woman revealed her secret on Fesshole, a prominent Twitter platform where people anonymously disclose their darkest secrets.

She acknowledged to the website that her husband keeps getting promotions because she is having sex with his employer.

The lady stated: “My hubby has had multiple promotions at work, and he believes it is because he has worked hard for them.

“For a few years, I’ve been f**king his boss. His promotions entail more time away from home, which means I can keep f**king his boss.”

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Many others were taken aback by the woman’s actions, with one exclaiming, “You sound nice.” “She’s a keeper alright,” a third agreed, cynically adding. Many people suspected that her husband might know what she’s up to.

“It’d be hilarious if he knew and concluded he was getting the better end of the deal all around,” one person said.

Another person added: “He’s aware of it, and he’s interested in it. Everyone comes out on top.” “Hopefully he knows and is hiding money in a secret account for post-divorce expenses,” said a third. People’s confessions on the Fesshole account are surely eye-opening.

Also this week, a man wrote in to say that he thinks Covid is shrinking his cucumber because it’s ‘half an inch smaller.’

He expressed himself as follows: “I’ve observed my cucumber has shrunk by about half an inch since the pandemic began, but I can’t ask a friend since they’ll undoubtedly laugh at me and take the p**s.

“I’m not sure if it’s depression, being 45, having a long Covid, or all of the above. It’s a sham.”

Many others were skeptical that this was the issue, telling the man that he had most likely gained weight.