If songstress Rema Namakula has a thousand best friends, Evelyn Namulondo tops that list. Namulondo is a ride or die and more than just a friend to Rema.

Rema and her best friend

The chocolate dark-skin beauty has been loyal to Mukyala Musawo from time immemorial. Actually when you spot Rema anywhere in public, just know Namulondo is a few steps away from her.

Social media in-laws have over the time tried taunting and ridiculing her for supergluing on the Loco hit star but she refuses to back down.

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Good enough Rema acknowledges and values the love she has for her. During her speech after giving birth, Rema lavished praise on Evelyn Namulondo and thanked her for being a one in a million type of friend, who has stood with her through thick and thin.

Rema says Namulondo is a godmother to her newborn Aaliyah

The 31-year-old mother-of-two explained how helpful her best friend has been during her pregnancy. The angelic-voiced crooner revealed that Namulondo is the godmother of her newborn, Aaliyah Ssebunya!

“…I was overwhelmed with happiness when I learnt that I would give birth in November because Evelyne had it all for me. She has stood by me in all situations and indeed she is a godmother. And she has helped us to raise Aamaal too,” Mukyala Musaawo fussed.

Watch the clip below;


Last weekend, Rema successfully gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who she and hubby Hamza named Aaliyah Ssebunya.

Her ex-celebrity boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo did not waste time to congratulate the couple.

Kenzo sent the congratulatory message to ex-girlfriend and Hamza through his manager, Martin Beata Muhumuza.

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