Do y’all remember the mother’s union pants Sheebah Karungi wore during her jaw-dropping birthday photoshoot? Well it seems it is her favorite undergarment!

While celebrating her 32nd birthday last week on Thursday, Sheebah set the temperatures so high as she showed off her beautiful ‘capital city’ in a peach sparkling see-through designer attire. Little was left to the imagination as she celebrated life in style!

Sheebah turned 32 last week and she had to celebrate her new age in style

Her instruments of power were hidden behind a tiny bikini – the piece of undergarment she loves so much but which netizens referred to sarcastically as Mothers Union panties. We all know Sheebah is classy and takes care of her endowed self.

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She once bragged about having hundreds of shoes and designer dresses, pants and all classy outfits you may know. So fans and social media in-laws expect the 32-year-old entertainer to step out in different stunning outfits.

Yes, she has always effortlessly stunned whenever she shows up but putting on the same Mothers’ Union on the bounce left many speaking in tongues.

The TNS lead star donned same mothers’ union on two different occasions and indeed fans noticed it

Boldly dazzling in a long white see-through dress, the Team No Sleep (TNS) lead star turned heads as she showed up with best friend Jumba Mariam for another BD party organized in her honour by her fans, the Sheebaholics.

The peach Mothers’ Union and her famous Karma Queen tattoo, just below the firm boobs, are visible. She protects her modesty by hiding her nipples with a silver nipple cover.

Jumba Mariam took to her Instagram account and posted the pics, perhaps not knowing that netizens pay attention to details.

“Well let’s hope Sheebah just loves those peach bikinis,” John Merry Speaks commented on the post.

“Huh queen karma putting on the same mother’s union on different occasions…what a wow!”, Proud African also pointed out.

It was all merry as the sensational singer stunned in a long white dress at BD party in Zanzibar

“Hehe she must have jetted out with only one knickers. Any happy belated birthday dear,” Mariamah Teacher also joined the debate.

Last week on Wednesday, Sheebah jetted out with her pals to Zanzibar to celebrate life. It was all merry as she shared pics on her social media platforms taken at Le Mersenne Beach Resort.