Sheebah in bitter row with fan, who advises her to emulate Rema

Sheebah Karungi probably gets her clothes from the kid’s section when she goes shopping. Many of her attires are always skimpy, leaving very little to the imagination.

This week on Tuesday, Sheebah shared a video on her Instagram in which she was seen twerking Nicki Minaj to her latest collabo with Mudra, Ayi, which is currently trending number 2 on YouTube. 

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Donning tiny floral shorts, which accentuate her curves, and a cropped orange T-shirt, the talented former Team No Sleep (TNS) star, warned her followers, especially the Muslims, who are fasting, not to watch the sensational video as it was not suitable for their eyes.

“Abasiibye kano mukaleke paka wemunasibulukuka, Please. Bansonyiwe naye omulimu guyina okweyongelayo. Thank you for understanding,”  the self-styled Queen Karma captioned the video, and thanked her 1.1 million followers on the photos and video sharing App for understanding. 

However, the video, which has since garnered over 15,000 reactions, 465 comments and 107,000 views, left a bad taste in one of Sheebah’s followers’ mouths.

Angered by the certified entertainer’s dance moves, while displaying her ‘yellow’ thighs in the holy month, one brave fan with username, bae_2224, was quick to vent her feelings out, asking the single and contented ‘Nakyeyombekedde’ to behave and to start dressing like songbird, Rema Namakula, who according to the fan is a better role model.

“aye mama twerking leero tufudde wayabade empale? Eyii mukama when will you be good example to Islam like Rema?” the fan wondered.

Incensed by the comment, Sheebah, who is a Muslim by faith, fired back and asked the fan to look for Rema and give her flowers so that she knows about her impact. She said she acknowledges the fact that she can’t be liked by everyone.

“Just give her the flowers for being the right role model for you & stop whining about whose (sic) not. Banange… I can’t be liked by everyone and am okay with that. Salam alaikum,” Sheebah cleverly responded.