Sheebah Karungi always say she likes men but she doesn’t need them!

She has always trashed and berated the grandsons of Adam and not only bragged about being that Miss Independent Ne-Yo sings about but also a self-made successful singer and business mogul.

According to Sheebah, what a man can do, a woman can do even better!

In her endless feminism rants on her social media pages, Sheebah always preaches against men and advises her fans, the Sheebaholics that they can make it big in life with or without them. The 32-year-old proud ‘Nakyeyombekedde’ influences the young, teens and old female Sheebaholics to stay single and solve all their known problems other than being mistreated by the grandsons of Adam.

According to her, what a man can do, a woman can do even better! Sheebah can make the world think that she has hustled all alone to the top single-handedly, without any help from someone’s son. She jealously takes the credit with a lot of fuss in her endless posts, sidelining men who have tirelessly molded her into the ‘Queen Karma’ Uganda appreciates.

Those who have no clue about the brains behind her successful career indeed clap and lavish praise on her for being an independent feminist and a lioness but today we are here to remind them about, the unsung heroes who have built Sheebah’s successful empire brick by brick. Without them, The Team No Sleep(TNS) star wouldn’t be swelling around like Ssekoko.

Men have helped Sheebah from scratch but she won’t say

Sizza Man

We all know the hustle upcoming artists go through as they search for a hit song. For the females it is even worse! Sizza Man is one of the musicians who welcomed Sheebah with open hands when the world had refused to give her the ears. In 2010, he gave her a massive chance to showcase what she had in stock. They did a collabo titled Automatic and it was all Sheebah needed at that time. By then Sizza was already an established ragamuffin with bangers like Mafalanga, Wampamba and many others bossing airwaves.

Ronnie Mulindwa (Obsessions)

Ronnie nurtured and helped a lot of babes to become stars and Sheebah is one of those who ate from his generous palm. With the Obsessions, a singing and dancing group, Ronnie gave Sharon O, Hellen Lukoma, Jackie, Cleo, Brenda and Sheebah a chance to do their thing. She never says a thing about him yet he saved her from singing Karaoke.

Good Lyf boys

In 2012, Queen Karma was musically doomed. Everything she tried didn’t seem to work out and yet she needed a spark. The Good Lyf boys did the magic and unchained her. Radio and Weasel carried Sheebah in their wings, wrote songs for her and also gave her the chance to feature in their music video as a vixen. Y’all know how hot those boys were at that time, right?


Yes Pallaso! When the Good Lyf boys fired Jeff Kiwa, he replaced them with Sheebah, the late AK47, Bakri and Pallaso, who was on fire. Jeff Kiwa formed Team No Sleep- TNS and Pallaso was the big dog. He and Sheebah dropped bangers like Mundongo and Go Down Low which indeed rocked airwaves. Jeff apparently wanted the two to stick together but it was only after the death of AK47, a kid bro to Pallaso that things went south. Have you ever heard her give him credit?

Jeff Kiwa

Who is Sheebah without Jeff really? In fact after God, Jeff comes second on the list of people who have built Queen Karma brick by brick. If she wants to taste her down fall let her break off from him.

Male songwriters and producers

Ask Cindy if Sheebah can sketch meaningful lyrics and produce any song all by herself. She is a dummy, Cindy says! Yes, she pays for the service but without these men she always make a meal to taunt, she would be deemed redundant in the music industry!