Renowned events promoter Balaam Barugahara has yet again proved that he is indeed one of the richest citizens in the country.

The noisy but loaded business mogul has unveiled the state of the art hotel in Muyenga, worth billions of cash.

Promoter Balaam shows off fruits of hard work

Balaam, who works closely with the first family took, to his Facebook page and shared the good news to well-wishers.

“We have opened yet another Classy Hotel in Muyenga Kisugu. Visit us today for amazing World Class services & Discount.” he captioned the post.

Sources close to him intimate that he has been quietly constructing this hotel and couldn’t allow anyone to take the pics. Apparently he wanted to unveil it when it was fully open to business.

Balaam unveils his fully furnished hotel

Caran Hotel has 4 floors with over 100 rooms for accommodation. It is spacious enough for clients to hold parties and bonk.

Business experience

Balaam says his love for business and marketing started when he was still a young boy and he recalls selling sweet bananas to fellow kids while still in primary school. 

During his senior six at Progressive, he opened up a canteen at school at Progressive. He got another business idea and he started selling soda to fans that could come for motor rallies in Bweyogerere. 

He could do the same for football matches and during his senior six vacations he looked for vigils of rich people that had lost loved ones and he could use this moment to supply and sell refreshments. 

Balaam is an ardent yellow bus passenger

Still in his senior six Balaam opened up a retail shop in Kisasi which was selling drinks and posho and sugar. When the business expanded he opened up another branch in Kisasi and that wasn’t enough he went ahead and asked for distribution of coca-cola from the company and he became the official distributor of coca-cola in Kampala. 

When he joined campus he tried his luck by going to south Sudan which was still politically unstable and he started selling beer in Sudan. 

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Balaam says the market was still virgin and he made a lot of money in Sudan and because of this kind of market in Sudan he decided to open up a water company that was selling distilled water and he also opened up a first private radio station that he called radio one.