Did you know that Basajja Mivule apparently borrowed a sleek car to floss so he can step in Bobi Wine’s ‘Kavimbo’?

Mivule apparently borrowed a sleek car

Y’all know that Bobi shipped in a brand new big toy courtesy of his fans to ease his ‘siturago’ missions.

It turns out that Basajja Mivule had to run at a speed equivalent to that of Usain Bolt to get a car from a pal so he can counter NUP darling, according city socialite, Bad Black.

Bad Black claims Basajja Mivule and Yellow bus passenger Balaam Barugahara hired a brand new Hilux car to make a fool of Ugandans that it is a gift from Sevo to the noisy journalist.

Mivule’s hired car

This is after Balaam took to his socials and thumped his chest, confirming that his fellow yellow bus passenger had finally received a new ride from Sevo. He also added that Mivule is yet to receive another (V8) for his official duties.

Seemingly with proof to bust Mivule’s bubble, Bad Black came out with documents indicating that the car belongs to a one Habbey Sewakiryanga.

“Muganda wange Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi waliwo emyaka nga temwetaga kutulimba kale take back that car where you rented it from to fool Ugandans mukwano” she captioned the document as she fumed, before deleting the post shortly afterwards.

Bad Black says Mivule borrowed a car

Mivule was one of the NRM mobilisers who ferociously attacked National Unity Platform- NUP darling Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine during the 2021 presidential campaigns.