South Africa-based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and her estranged husband Diamond Platnumz were christened the best couple in East Africa when they were still in love.

Boss Lady recounts on how her love story with Diamond

Zari is eight years older than Diamond was trolled for days but that did not change her love for Diamond.

Speaking in an interview with media personality Toke Makinwa, Zari said she went for the Tanzanian crooner because she loved him. He was still a budding artist at that time.

Serial cheat

They were madly in love and the mother of five said that their relationship was like a fairy tale and he treated her like a queen and she reciprocated.

“We were in a long distance relationship. I used to live in South Africa while he lived in Tanzania and we met more often,” she said.

Trouble started when stories went viral that the Waah hit singer was cheating on Zari. In February 2018 she dumped Diamond and when asked if she did so because he was cheating, Zari said:

The 41-year-old socialite and Diamond dated for 5 years before breaking up

“For me, it was not about cheating. I told him to hold a press conference and tell the public he is a Muslim and they are allowed to marry up to four wives so Hamisa was his second wife before the matter blew up but he refused.”

The 41-year-old said she really wanted her relationship with Diamond to work but it didn’t.

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Baby mama

In 2018, Hamisa got pregnant for Diamond, and the Ugandan boss-lady said she asked him about the rumours and he denied it. She said he told her Hamisa was just a video vixen.

When Hamisa gave birth, Diamond sent his mother to hospital to see the child, and still. Zari said Hamisa went on a rampage to share steamy photos she took with Diamond in his bed.

Good friends

Recently, Diamond and Zari’s daughter Princess Tiffah claimed her parents are still in love and when asked if it was true, the entrepreneur said:

“No. Diamond and I are good friends. We call each other and speak about anything. We always video call each other and the kids are there so she (Tiffah) could hear…”

Zari says Diamond has never asked her for some since their break up

Zari revealed that recently Diamond traveled to South Africa to shoot their much-awaited Netflix reality show and he spent time at her house.

“He (Diamond) was changing in my bedroom and was very comfortable. I leave my bedroom for him and go so my child thinks we are back together whenever he comes around,” she shared.

She said they decided to put their differences and feelings aside and raise their kids together .

“I have never had any s#xual relationship with Diamond since we broke up,” she said.