It is now a public secret that Sheebah Karungi and Jeff Kiwa are no longer working together.

What started as rumours that the pair, who had rolled together for 8 years of success in the music business, had parted ways turns out to be gospel truth.

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Sheebah and Jeff no longer working together

An inside source says Jeff Kiwa decided to fire Sheebah after she grew wings and started disobeying his command.

Apparently Sheebah became unruly when she finished building a mansion in Munyonyo and started her own businesses, sidelining Jeff, arguably her musical father. As she got busy with her business, Jeff also gave her space and boom the friction and bickering started.

In turn, the self-proclaimed Nakyewombekedde accused Jeff of diverting his energy to bonking other city babes and his real-estate business. And with this, the two failed to find a common ground, forcing Jeff, the Team No Sleep gaffer, to swing the axe!

Since then, many entertainment journos, bloggers, music pundits and critics have taken sides. Notably, noisy blogger Isma Olaxess a.k.a Jajja Icuri lauded Jeff Kiwa for knifing Sheebah, claiming that she had lost steam and vigor.

Queen Karma has been under Jeff’s wings for the past 8 years

In his submissions live on his Facebook page, Olaxess punched holes in the self-proclaimed Queen Karma, fussing that she has nothing new to offer apart from undressing, yet TNS needed a fresh-talented artist, who could break through internationally.

Isma said all that, kumbe Sheebah was listening and indeed she was left irritated, waiting for a chance to meet him someday and teach him a lesson.

Well, luckily enough that chance arrived sooner than she apparently expected!

Over the weekend, Isma Olaxess claims he was invited by one of his pals to Sheebah’s residence in Munyonyo and shame befell him.

As soon as he stepped in Queen Karma’s compound, she ordered him to to trace the exit, reminding him how he glorified Jeff Kiwa’s move over hers.

Sheebah chased blogger Isma Olaxess for siding with Jeff Kiwa after their fallout

“…I wake up every morning and do my analysis here, not knowing that I irritate some people. Now like Sheebah, she is so upset with me for siding with Jeff Kiwa after their fall out. Yesterday I went to her home in Munyonyo to meet one of my friends who had invited me but guess what? Sheebah quarreled and chased me out of her residence, saying that I’m her enemy! If you had a chance to witness how loud and pissed when she laid her eyes on me…”I can’t allow this guy in my compound! Leave as soon as possible. Go to Jeff,” speaking during a live Facebook session, Isma narrated to his followers.

Meanwhile, Jeff already replaced Sheebah with the late Good Lyf crooner, Moses Radio’s protégé, Sama Sojah. Sama Sojah’s unveiling as the new TNS member is imminent.

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