Spice Diana is under the spot for holding a music show and violating curfew rules.

The talented female star staged a massive show in Fort Portal, which was attended by thousands of party animals.

Spice Diana under fire for staging a music show and violating curfew rules

And guess what? She was brave enough to post all the evidence on her Facebook page.

“LAST NIGHT some countries like Fortpotal in Uganda are not in lockdown . Thank you so much FORTPOTAL. See you next time,” she captioned a video of about 55 seconds, while doing her magic on stage.

For starters, music shows, bars and entertainment places are still banned by the government. President Museveni explained that since music shows gather a lot of people in one place, it would facilitate the spread of CoronaVirus hence the ban.

In his recent National address, Sevo also refused to extend curfew time to 10 PM, claiming that it would expose other people’s business to criminals who love operating in the night as the majority are asleep.

He said that he would lift the lockdown in January next year after about half of the population is vaccinated.

All this points to the fact that Spice Diana is the culprit and risks going to jail for staging a concert which attracted scores!

However, the Uganda Police is yet to speak out on this action!

Checkout her performance below:


Spice Diana is one of the very few artists who have called out the government to lift the ban on music shows, which has now lasted for 2 years.

She even criticized and trashed the government funded Janzi Awards after she failed to win in all the categories ahe was nominated in.

In her opinion, she claimed that another artist deserved to win Artist of the year accolade.

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