As we report this, socialite Anita Fabiola and her dad Mathias Mugisha, cannot see eye to eye and share a cup of tea!

The pair fell out a few days back after her dad allegedly beat the hell out of one of his sons like a chicken thief into a coma for messing up.

Fabiola called out dad for beating son into coma

The son is apparently admitted to the hospital, under the Intensive Care Unit- ICU!

In a recorded phone conversation between the two, a bitter Fabiola loses self control, brands her biological dad a piece of pupu, who is so heartless. The 29-year-old media personality can be heard ranting on top of her voice as she wonders why such a man gave birth to her.

She mingles the Queen’s language and Lunyankore, calling dad a coward and a mad dog, while accusing for cracking the whip.

“You dog…you stupid coward! You are so stupid. You beat a kid. You put him in the ICU, what’s wrong with you? You are such an idiot, you dog. How did you even give birth to me? you are like pupu,” Fabiola rants as dad listens on the phone without responding.

After the humiliation, Mathias Mugisha took to his Facebook wall, revealing how hurt he is and vowing to end the suffering, sponsored by his own children and their mentors.

“I have to end my suffering with this from my own children and their (Sic) mentors.” The dad wrote.

He went ahead and updated his profile picture on FB, uploading that of his three kids with Fabiola inclusive. He further fussed in the comment section:

“I want to get out of this.”

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The dad updated his profile picture on Facebook , replacing the one which was there with that of his three kids, Fabiola inclusive