A few years ago, popular queer Ugandan rapper Keko announced in a tweet that she’s been granted Canadian citizenship. Thank you Canada for giving me a new home, I feel free like a new person it was a burden to live in a box and walk on eggshells. My gay ass is free yes free and there will be a wedding you best believe,” she said in a tweet.

This was after same-sex sexual activity had been criminalized in Uganda in 2014 under the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Well, on Monday night, Keko appeared on a live Instagram video where she appeared intoxicated while she smoked a cigar, listened to music, and sipped liquor.

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However, the most shocking part of the video was her face that looked like it was just recovering from a skin infection leaving many Netizen with a lot to say.

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A section of Netizen claimed that the rapper’s looks were as a result of the side effects of oral sex commonly known as Bakuli since she openly confessed to being a lesbian.

A One Sanchez, a Twitter user claimed that Keko was struggling with a fungal infection which is an STI that is as a result of oral sex.

Well, we are sudden by the situation of one of Uganda’s finest female rappers and wish her a quick recovery.