Media personality Momo19, real name Maureen Naluwooza, has for the past few days been under intense pressure after allegedly duping her clients.

The stunning former BBS TV presenter has been under the spot over allegations of loss of clients’ property on a flight.

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The accusations had her name and brand dragged in the mud as critics labelled her an untrustworthy lady.

Through her Instagram handle, Momo19 promised that whoever lost their property through her company will be refunded fully for the losses they made.

Momo19 further requested the clients to be a little patient with the process because it could take longer with some of them.

She wondered why clients, who have been refunded, don’t talk positively about her but instead taint a bad image, something which is irritating.

The 27-year-old whose love story with celebrity boyfriend, Daxx Kartel, collapsed, concluded by requesting the public to spread love rather than hate as she assured that everyone will be paid fully but have to bear with them in the meantime.

“Amazima tegekweka it might take tym okufuluma Naye atleast gamala negavaayo so we need to always be patient in everything that we do.

Naye I’m really so so sorry for our clients who fell a victim (s) we shall make it up to you no matter what that’s my promise to u our beloved customers lwakuba those that we pay back don’t talk about the refunds but instead keep on tarnishing my name it’s so absurd and sucks!

Let’s spread love not hate. Naye Nze I will make sure everyone gets justice era everyone will be paid back so just bear with us in the meantime. Thank you

Allah bless you,” Momo19 captioned the video on her IG account.

Checkout her post below;