Former TV gal Naluwooza Maureen alias Momo19 has confirmed getting back with singer Sebyaala Sulaiman Sebunya aka Daxx Kartel.

Momo19 had posted a video of Sasha Brighton’s song ‘Simuta’ on her Instagram, when one of her fans said he wished to hear good news that the two were back together.

Momo and Daxx Kartel back together

In response, Momo19 assured him that Daxx Kartel and she were happily back together and already moving on like they used to.

Momo19 and Daxx Kartel separated in May due to reasons they never disclosed to anyone and the two took a social media sabbatical of three months.  However, rumour had it that Momo19 was always up in the air in and out of the country and during those numerous trips, she allegedly cheated on her husband with wealthy men abroad.

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Rumour had it that Momo was straying with South Africa-based socialite, Medi Moore.

Momo19 confirmed the reunion while responding to a fan on Instagram

However, Moore came out and rubbished the claims, stressing that he and the former BBS TV presenter have never had any stolen intimate moments.

Initial reports also suggested that the 26-year old media personality had refused to have any children with the Omuryeruba comical singer.

Apparently, Daxx Kartel started smelling a rat when his midnight duties weren’t paying off yet he had always aimed at putting the ball at the back of the net!

Whenever he tried to engage Momo about the matter, she would instead blame him for failing to shake the empty net. Apparently, Daxx is as poor as Chelsea’s Timo Warner at even tap-ins!

But he put it on the wife for using Family Planning methods all through to avoid swallowing a live seed.

Daxx Kartel’s poor midnight skills almost costed his relationship with Momo

After the fussing and fighting, Daxx Kartel, who madly loves and treasures Momo like a Diamond jewel, swallowed his pride and apologized.

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