I have Sheilah Gashumba’s bonk tape- Ritah Kaggwa

Sensational TV star and renowned socialite Sheilah Gashumba seems to be having sleepless nights following her nemesis, Ritah Kaggwa’s endless verbal attacks.

Ritah Kaggwa giving Sheilah goosebumps

Sheilah aka Lil Stunner is really starting this new year on a bad note, with the war-monger blogger Ritah Kaggwa on her case, accusing her of playing bedminton with several city hungry hyenas, who feast on her bearded meat behind her boyfriend’s back.

Lil Stunner is currently dating multi-talented singer, Rickman Manrick but according to the UK-based blogger, the 26-year-old media personality is having romps with other men.

Ritah claims one of the lucky men sharing Sheilah’s ‘uchiwali’ is sports enthusiast Moses Muhangi, who is the President of the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF).

Kaggwa on Sheilah Gashumba’s case for cheating on Rickman

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The blogger brags about having the bonk tape in which the entertainment journo is having steamy romps in a car with the partner in passion, Muhangi.

“I have seen a video of Sheilah bonking with Muhangi in a car. The people you told to cover for you, are the ones that recorded and sent it,” Ritah disclosed via her Snapchat account, adding that if Sheilah didn’t go slow on her, she would release it, a statement which raised excitement among her followers.

Ritah Kaggwa further claims that while Gashumba is always fronting Rickman as her only man on social media, she is actually cheating on him.

According to the UK-based blogger, many have tasted Sheilah Gashumba’s beans behind Rickman’s back

“Towards Christmas, she flew to South Africa to see FaceOff. Sheilah you went to Dubai with Zoe and had threesomes with all the men she showed you.” Kaggwa claims.

We all know Sheilah Gashumba is one hell of a warrior who never goes mute when attacked but this time around, she’s yet to hit back at Ritah Kaggwa.

We wait….