Momo19 reunites with boo Daxx Kartel after a full year of ‘No kombya’

It is now an open secret that Momo19 is back together with her special man, Daxx Kartel.

Love in the air

The stunning media personality has finally lifted the indefinite ban of ‘No kombya’ she had slapped on Daxx Kartel after misbehaving.

The couple has held countless family meetings, chaired by both their parents, Sengas and Kojjas to save their relationship which had miserably flopped.

The family engagements, which have been happening since last year, have indeed worked magic. Daxx Kartel can now afford to smile after winning the love of his life back!

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We can highly confirm that Momo and Daxx have resumed their steamy romps and the excitement is up in the air. The problems they both faced during break up might have made them realize how important they are to each other.

Love wins

Now that they can sleep under the same roof and share the same bed sheets again, the two lovebirds might have used that chance to renew their promises, make their love and bond stronger than ever…and the fruits are quite promising!

Like never before, Momo and Daxx are all over each other.

The couple shared a video of themselves in Public Display of Affection (PDA) as they listened to sweet local music.

Watch the video below;

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