As we report this, Fountain of Honour, President Y.K. Museveni a.k.a Sevo, might be the most loved public figure and politician in Uganda after setting partiers and drunkards free!

If you doubt it then ask any drunkard around. They are full of praise for Sevo and see him as their saviour for finally opening up nightlife.

Partiers, drunkards bless sevo after setting them free

In a televised speech on December 31, 2021, Sevo noted that bars and nightclubs would be reopened, and the nighttime curfew lifted, two weeks after the reopening of schools. Indeed has gone according to plan!

This week on Monday, the night economy was set free to operate, except for Boda Bodas, who are still on hold. One might think we are not still in the Jan-worry period. Partiers stormed bars, night clubs and happening places like they were not lamenting about brokenness before.

The vibe was maaad as they ate their money and danced the night away. Actually one would think it was December 31. ‘Muntu ku Muntu’ was the case in all city clubs and bars with one mission: Celebrate and quench the thirst ’cause mehn, two solid years at home has been hell.


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One of the shirtless partiers having fun after spending two years home

‘Eat that money, Tusimbudde, Njagala vibe’, were some of the catchy lines used by Sevo’s bazzukulu who wanted nothing but to have fun. After galloping and getting bonked by all tribes of booze, a section of drunkards, including those who voted for Bobi Wine, couldn’t resist lavishing praise on the old man with the hat.

“Museveni ne w’offugga emyaka emilara 100 ffuga kasita otugudde,” one of the drunkards said on BBS TV’s camera.

“Museveni gwe asinga ffe tetukulinako buzibu fugga taata, webale tugula,” another one chipped in.

“We love you jajja even if we voted for Bobi, webale ttugula blaadi. Ffe nga abanywi tukuwadde emikisa otuffuge,” another drunk partier  shouted on top of his voice as he staggered away from the camera.

Bars and club owners made a fortune as the booze demand and sales was high!

Watch the clip below;

Sevo ffuga!