Legendary musician, Jose Chameleone, is irritated by the culture of celebrating and appreciating people after death but not during their life on earth.

During one of his appearances on a local TV station, Chameleone was touched by the extent at which fallen Good Lyf vocalist, Mowzey Radio has been hailed ever since he passed on in 2018.

The “Forever” hit star believes Radio has been recognized and loved more after his death than during his life despite possessing such a notable talent in Uganda’s music history.

People should be taught appreciative culture. It’s absurd that Radio is being recognized while he is already gone. You should then respect me who recognized him even before he became Radio, the singer,” Jose Chameleone said.

Chameleone also revealed how he unearthed the Late Mowzey Radio and laid the foundation for him to become what he was.

I was his first fan. I scouted him as a good singer and I introduced him to the country,” Chameleone added.

The Late Mowzey Radio was introduced to Jose Chameleone by longtime singer Chagga while he (Radio) was still studying at Makerere University.

Chameleone to sell off his funeral

A fortnight ago the 42-year-old music maestro described exactly how his vigil should proceed.

He said that he wants to sell his vigil so that he enjoys that money when he is still alive.

“Recently I told my manager Mutima that I can sell my funeral vigil because many people will attend it.

Whoever wants it, should pay me and I enjoy that money before I die,” he said.

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Chameleone also said he wants his body to be put in a glass casket.

“I want to have a glass casket so that even people who are far away can be able to see me because many people are going to come from all over the world to attend my funeral,“ said the father-of-six.