TV gal, Sheilah Gashumba aka Lil Stunner, seems to be not moved by ex-boyfriend God’s Plan’s bold allegations and she is out here making a bold statement!

Presumably, after failing to deal with the pressure, headaches and heartaches that come with breakups, God’s Plan embarked on launching endless attacks on Sheilah Gashumba and her current partner in passion, Rickman Manrick. 

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The ex-convict, who is currently out of the country, took to his Snapchat and branded Rickman a ‘snake’ after he successfully ate his food and snatched Sheilah away from him. He then used the same platform to expose Lil Stunner’s s#xual network and threatened to release more info that would end her skyrocketing career. He claimed that the TV star, socialite and renowned influencer bonked singer Eddy Kenzo in South Africa while he was still dating Rema, and also Vinka’s hubby, Nelly.

“The kind of information I have can end people’s careers,” Plan raged.

With that said about her, one would be forced to think that probably she is knocked out but guess what? She is chinned up and proudly walking strong, literally without a bruise.

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We are safe to say that God’s Plan’s scotching attacks did not in any way send cold shivers down Sheilah Gashumba’s spine.

Speaking out for the very first time since her name has been dragged in the mud, the 26-year-old bragged about how strong she is and ready to face whatever comes her way. “In this life, never be weak. Be a LION or LIONESS,” she captioned her latest post.