Zari’s son Raphael finds love…and she can’t just keep calm!

Classy socialite and self-proclaimed Boss Lady, Zari Hassan fully supports her son, Raphael’s relationship with his girlfriend, Leila Sono, and it is evident from her recent post.

Last night, the gorgeous mother-of-five shared a photo of Raphael holding his girlfriend while they took a mirror selfie.

She captioned it, “God bless you guys,” and added a red rose and kiss emoji.

Boss Lady first announced that Raphael was in a relationship last year.

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She revealed his relationship status while defending him after he went viral for ‘coming out’.

Through a live Instagram video, Raphael came out of the closet and confessed that he likes fellow boys. He acknowledged that he might be judged but that’s what he”sees” in his heart and “just what it is”.

Speaking during an Interview with Wasafi TV, Zari was asked to shed more light on whether Raphael’s s#xual preference was indeed true. She swore in Jesus’ name as she dismissed the allegations and stated that he has a girlfriend.

Zari, 41, also stated that Raphael was only hiding under that rainbow umbrella to shake off old women who were shooting shots at him in his inbox.

“I think there have been videos trending on my son when he came out to claim that he is gay, and it has been blown out of proportion. I am going to be clear about one thing, Raphael is not gay, Raphael is dating, and he started dating when he was 14 years old. And when I say dating I don’t mean sleeping with girls,” Zari emphasised.

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